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Online friends and running buddies

It’s a miserable rainy day and I’ve woken with a cold and sore throat, so I’m not sure whether to run this morning.

Running is what passes for a social life in real life for me. Side eye conversations, comfortable silences. It’s a visual and kinetic stim for me, and helps keep me grounded and regulated. It’s also the best way for me to de-escalate from a simmering meltdown.

Many of my running friends are unconventional, and running is a social get together where fashion and grooming don’t matter and nobody expects anybody to drink alcohol.

The live music scene is my other social life, attending my husband’s gigs, where avoiding alcohol may be more difficult.

For my first foray back into the live music scene since turning my back on alcohol enthusiasm, I’ll be with my dad at a folk club. He hasn’t touched alcohol for 33 years, so that should help. I meet a lot of neurodivergent folks in the live music scene, though not many are formally diagnosed.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m really happy about all the support I’ve been getting from followers of the Ausome Charlie Facebook page, this blog and LinkedIn.

Not to mention certain autism elder friends who I may not have always agreed with, but with whom I have delightful longer email exchanges and a certain respect. Some people are far more charming and insightful when you engage with them privately away from Twitter.

I’m delighted to be able to keep in touch with people I was regularly interacting with on Twitter.

My online friends are so important to me, as they are for many people who express themselves better in writing than out loud 😎


Author: Charlie Hart

Late-diagnosed autistic working mum, attempting to write an amusing semi-autobiographical novel with a twist.

2 thoughts on “Online friends and running buddies”

  1. It’s good to hear appreciation expressed. Good to hear some warmth emitted into the atmosphere.
    I too, find company that ‘hits the spot’ all too elusive …and to find it, in any guise, in any setting and to feel its comfort is a precious joy. May you always find it all around you.

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