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How Iggy got his nickname

Here is the story of how Iggy’s nickname came about (many, but not all of you already know, and I realise the similar names of Iggy and Izzy have caused confusion to some).

Ethan (Iggy) was my eldest son, who sadly died in April 2019. He had two younger sisters: Isabel (Izzy) and Jessica (Jess) and one step sibling.

When my ex-husband Martin and I decided to have a baby, our favourite name was Izzy (a character from Hollyoaks). We had a feeling the baby was a girl, so we called her Izzy right from the beginning.

The 20 week scan revealed Izzy had a willy, so we swiftly changed the working title to the nearest boy’s name we could think of, Iggy after Iggy Pop.

Iggy sprang into the world 5 weeks early, and stealthily (the midwives had sent Martin home as they said nothing was happening). This earning him the official name Ethan, after Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible.

Most people continued to call him Iggy.

We still wanted our Izzy, and five years later (with two traumatic miscarriages in between) we finally had our Izzy 😍


Author: Charlie Hart

Late-diagnosed autistic working mum, attempting to write an amusing semi-autobiographical novel with a twist.

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