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Week 12 of lockdown, reflecting on Day 1

For me this is now week 12 of lockdown, as I have not been in the office since Monday 16 March. That was a unsettling day with people on the train eyeing each other with suspicion, reluctant to press the button to open the train doors, and an uneasy atmosphere in the office.

This week my elder daughter merrily went back to school, delighted not to be in uniform so she can show off her unique sense of style. I am relieved she has something to get out of bed for now.

My younger daughter independently does home school work, but only the online stuff she enjoys. More often she is playing Roblox while I’m working and/or she chats to her friends on Zoom while frequently interrupting me to request snacks.

Work has not changed much for me, as I was already working from home for half the week. During lockdown I have been starting and finishing work earlier than usual, so we have time to get out of the house for our daily exercise walk or bike ride before dinner. We’ve fallen into a predictable daily routine.

Reflecting on the transition to lockdown, I just re-read the blog I wrote on Day 1, which amused me. How quickly I gave up that idea of home educating, concentrating instead on getting my work done out of the way so I could then try to ensure everybody in the family stays healthy both in body in mind.


Author: Charlie Hart

Late-diagnosed autistic working mum, attempting to write an amusing semi-autobiographical novel with a twist.

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