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Lockdown 2, home schooling while home working day 1

12 November 2020

8:25: Me “I’d better get up”. Si “Why?”
8:30: Me “Shit, where is Jess’ Teams log-in?”
8:32: Jess “Mum can I have crisps for breakfast?”
8:50: 6 kids are in the Teams meeting, but neither teacher is
8:51: Jess “Bye Izzy ha ha, you have to go to school and I don’t”
8:56: Kids speculating about well-being of the missing Mr Ancorn, using phrases such as “worst case scenario”
9:26: Mr Ancorn appears
9:27: Miss Taylor continues “…and once you’ve done all of those tasks, if you still want to do more, you can always read a book”
11:11: I’m actually hiding in the spare room, with my work laptop
11:59: Thinking about opening a bottle of Chardonnay
16:00: Major stress headache.

Jess points out that we forgot to give her any lunch.

House is a tip!

This is going to be a long 2 weeks.


Author: Charlie Hart

Late-diagnosed autistic working mum, attempting to write an amusing semi-autobiographical novel with a twist.

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